Difference in Folder sharing

Dear community,
I would like to have your input on the following setup:
What is the difference between
User A shares a folder to other nextcloud users on the same server AND gives a link to other friends to have a look at his photos and maybe upload their photos to the same location.
There is a folder “family pictures” on an external drive that is included in the nextcloud for all other users to put their photos in. The same “external folder” is shared by a link to friends outside the cloud to upload their photos.

Are there PROs or CONS for one of these approaches or won’t it matter at all, which way to go?

Thanks for your input!

The difference is the account you have or not. Advantage of the account: you can have personal files on the cloud and if several folders are shared to you, it is all managed in your account (you don’t have to keep several links and logins). And if you have an account, you can use the sync client to download/upload files and folders.
Disadvantage: it’s another account for the user. He has to remember his login and you have to manage the accounts. There is no auto-expire like for shares.