Difference between PassLink and "regular" App Token

Dear @mdw

I was wondering what the difference between your PassLink and the regular app tokens from NC is. Also for the latter a QR code can be displayed and be used to transfer authentication settings to an app.

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There is no technical difference in the end result between a token acquired with the PassLink option and creating an app password. You will get a regular Nextcloud token in the end. The PassLink option does usually remove the file access permission tough.

The problem i hope to fix with this option is more that users don’t know what data to enter where.
To get the right Nextcloud url, you need to know if your Nextcloud runs in a subdirectory etc.
Many users also don’t seem to know about app passwords or where to find them. But i don’t want user passwords in the browser extension since the extension has to store it in the browser storage.
In some cases it may even be that users don’t even know their username because the login for NC is handled somewhere different.

With the next release of the app and the extension, users should be able to connect the extension in any browsers by just clicking the button. (currently, chrome has only the qr code)

Thanks for the detailed explanation! The reason I asked was that this came up in a discussion of the NC Passwords android app by @joleaf: Support PassLink for Setup? (#43) · Issues · Jonas Blatt / NC Passwords Mobile App · GitLab