Devices asking for different passphrases

I am checking the e2ee feature since a couple of month again and again. It never worked in a stable way. Currently I am using nextcloud 22.2.5 as a docker image behind a nginx proxy.
The desktop client is on version 3.4.2 the ios is on

When activating e2ee it is showing the passprase on the windows desktop client normaly. When creating an empty folder, which is encrypted, it is working as well. The passphrase seems to be ok. When adding files to the folder it seems to be exncrypted. So far so good.

When checking the passphrase on the mobile device it is showing another one. Why?
So I am never in the situation to use it. As the passphrase is different, the sync fails. (I think this is the reason.)

*So for me the question is. How can I force the mobile device to use the same keys? *
I assume it uses another key, because I have a different passphrase

I must say, that I installed the server new a couple of months ago. But I created new accounts and copied the saved files from the desktop app to the server again. (Just the folders below the sync folder “nextcloud”. So there shouldn’t be any key from the old installation in it.)

Any help would be appreciated.

Does anyone have an idea, why this problem happens?