Development of Nextcloud extension in connection with the Circle extension (via API) from NC 21+

As part of a school project phase, I would like to build a Nextcloud extension that would bring the timetable and substitution timetable into Nextcloud.

For this, I would like to rely on the circle extension and its API for class assignment.

Now it says in the GitHub repository that “API (PHP & Javascript) (Deprecated since NC22)” is.

What does this mean for me now?

Since NC22,

  • if you need to request data from the Circles App from the front-end, you should use the ocs API. You might want to have a look to the Contacts App that is using the ocs API to manage the Circles.
  • If you need to request data from the back-end, there is no actual documentation but I can arrange you an access to our public talk room.
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Thank you for your feedback, @Cult ! Unfortunately, I can’t quite estimate what I would need for my use cases - perhaps you can if I briefly explain what I need them for.

In my specific example, I would need the information from the circle extension for two things:

  1. For the display of the classes (which should be realised via the circle extension) the user belongs to in the navigation bar.
  2. For displaying the timetable and substitution plan stored for the class (=> the corresponding circle).

Upon further reflection, I think it might be useful to have access to the public conversation space regardless of the use cases. In short, I would like to accept your offer of mediation to provide access to the public conversation space, @Cult .