Development comparison between next- and owncloud


I was just wondering whether there is information on how the current development of the two best clouds out there is advancing.

We’re having a discussion about if and when to migrate to nextcloud, the “lets’ just stick to owncloud atm”-fraction is leading right now and I’d like to change that with some further information…

Any hints?




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Great, that was fast. :slight_smile:

NC started to rewrite the commercial app for the open source version (file firewall, …). NC11 resp. OC 9.2 are more interesting because they don’t share the development cycle. NC11 announced their own app store and an improved updater app. There are clear situations when to favor OC or NC:

  • if you need to use (or want to develop your own) closed-source apps for your cloud, OC enterprise is the way to go
  • you want to use the open source version but you need the functionality of OC’s enterprise apps (file firewall, logging module, file drop, Shibboleth, automated tagging, …), go for Nextcloud

NC can port new functions of the open source OC into their own code. The other way round is not possible. A consequence could be that new OC functions will be only available in the enterprise version.