Detect which Nextcloud hosts/folders are synced

I’m creating a tool that saves configuration. This configuration is the same on all computers the program is used on. So a good location is to save this file on a folder that is synced by Nextcloud.

Is there a way to detect what folders are synced? I found the configuration file ~/Library/Application Support/Nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg on my macOS computer to be useful.

My questions:

  • Is there more information on this file format? Is the file format stable? Is it documented?
  • Can the file be on other locations? Where is it stored on Windows and where on Linux?

I did find information in the documentation.

That’s good info, but not 100% correct. On macOS it’s saying the config file is in $HOME/Library/Preferences/Nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg while on my system it’s in $HOME/Library/Application Support/Nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg.

Also, it’s lacking the [Accounts section]. But better something than nothing…

Please go to the documentation bug tracker when you find wrong information and also to ask for missing stuff.
On the documentation pages, there is a small edit button if you want to submit changes yourself.