Details of files is buggy: can't add comment, no activity, no comments, no versions

Comments of files are no longer visible. Can’t add new comments.

I just noticed that details pane of files or foldes in browser doesn’t show any information and that it is not possible to add a comment.

Steps to replicate it:

  1. create or upload a file
  2. open details pane
  3. try to leave a comment

There is no input field.
Under “Activity” and “Versions” is no information.

It is working partially:
Create a new textfile (integrated editor opens). Now there is an input field and some information under “Activity”. I can leave a comment.

After closing editor details of this file is shown in details pane. After switching to another file/folder details pane there is still the same information from the other file.

If I reload the page details pane is empty in all parts.

annotation: comments, which I leave in editor, are written to database.

So any old comment isn’t visible anymore.

That’s a known bug

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