Desperate need for improved Talk notification

As a small corporate user I’ve now been using and managed a Nextcloud installation for a couple of months. We are now moving our staff over to nextcloud in order to stop using many external services, ie. onedrive, gmail, office365, skype and more. One thing however has become a near showstopper for our team, the very poor Talk alert / notifications.

I thought about making this a ticket/issue in Issues · nextcloud/spreed · GitHub but I can see there are already a lot there, some from years ago. I’ve raised this before and it was suggested its all fine and that I should inspect the browser notifications settings and/or available plugins. I’ve done all that and feel quite certain that anyone who feels the current status of notification handling is adequate isn’t actually using it beyond basic testing. We’ve been using it for over a month and every single person is at their wits end with a great deal of lost time waiting for someone to respond when that person has no idea of the message or that anyone is waiting. It is such a shame, we can overlook that its a little sluggish but poor notification is simply a business use case killer. We’ve tried to discontinue using Slack and Skype but continually find we are forced to use them in order to get someone’s attention.

I’m aware of the integration options of and that might be a possible workaround, but implementing for a small team of users simply because of poor Talk notification is sad. As you would expect Talks nextcloud integration is far superior than any other communication product so we desperately want to use it, but its looking like we can’t for anything needing constant/instant communication.

I’ve tried installing the Android Talk app, while a poor workaround this can help a little as long as you don’t have a browser tab open on Talk, otherwise you won’t get push alerts to your phone. There is a reason that platforms like slack and don’t rely on browser/OS alerts!

We need audible + visually and continual alerts. Please go over the top with alert options, flash the browser tab, scream non-stop, then just provide options to en/disable that for anyone who doesn’t need it.

Please Nextcould, such a first class product with a seriously short coming (at least for us)


File the tickets on github and link them back to the forum. That is the way features and issues are addressed in the project. There are no guarantees, so our best option is to follow the process requested by the nextcloud devs.

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Rather than create a new I’ll list of open ones that a closely related:
#4651, #3388, #1444, #15755 and a bonus one for a desktop app #1100 because that would be cool.


Cool. If your issue is still independent from those go ahead and file.

Or, you could explain how you find each relates here to continue the discussion.

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I think I’ve already been quite verbose and pretty clear but happy to expand if anything is unclear. Each ticket sighted are slight variations of the same theme, people needing to notice better when someone is trying to message them.