Desktop share link interface

I left Owncloud because of the new share link interface on the desktop client.

Now Nextcloud changes it.

Can the old interface please be reinstated? How do I install the old version and block updates in the mean time (Where can I find previous versions to download?)

What I have a problem with is the number of clicks required now to get a link and set an expiration date. Why does the copy link and expiration date need to be behind a second click? What point is there when getting the link is what I am in there to get? Also the expiration date doesn’t bring up a date window just a text entry to type in a date… this is not helpful.

Please bring back the old interface. The main thing I use nextcloud for is creating sharelinks and have 5 extra clicks plus useless date entry makes this much more painful.

I also find the new sharing interface not intuitive at all. I had to too much time to understand all the steps required to get the sharing link