Desktop notification

We’d like to get desktop notifications in case a new file or directory gets uploaded or created in a shared folder.
We have the notifications module installed. We have enabled notifications in the browser, but it still doesn’t work.
We would NOT like email notification, but desktop notification.

We are having the same issue - if I look in the activity log in the desktop client I can see the changes to files etc. but we never get a desktop notification. This is with 18.0.3 and the 2.6.4 client on Windows 10 1909.

Like you, I vote to get the Nextcloud desktop client to trigger a visible windows notification, like the Owncloud desktop client did before I switched to Nextcloud. This is with 2.6.4 client on Windows 10 1903.
This place is not appropriate, we must set out this request on
In fact this matter has been decided, not what we expect :
see :