Desktop/mobile client VS end-to-end encryption

Regarding end-to-end encryption, the website says that “The Nexcloud solution works on a per-folder level” which means I can handle both encrypted and not-encrypted folders type.

However, I have two use cases I want to support :

  1. Sending encrypted files with my regular partners.

  2. Sending not-encrypted files with occasional external partners (can be any gmail, hotmail adress. Those users won’t have a client installed).

For the first use case, I understand that I do have to install a desktop or mobile client for the end-user to share encrypted files. By doing this, will I still be able to also share not encrypted files with a link sent by e-mail on the same Nextcloud instance (without a desktop or mobile client, to support the second use case) ?

Thanks for your help.

From my understanding you can do both, share unencrypted files with anybody and e2e-encrypted files with users via one of the Nextcloud client. But you can’t do both with the same file. Once you e2e-encrypted a folder, you can’t openly share these files.