Desktop client's number of multiple accounts?

Is there a limit to how many accounts the desktop client can be connected to simultaneously?

We have one of our machines connected to 10 nextcloud servers, and we are thinking of deploying even more servers, but are beginning to fear that we might hit a limit at some point.
Does anybody know if there’s a limit?

The client’s guide only states:
“You may configure multiple Nextcloud accounts in your desktop sync client”

For sure there is a limit. At least the UI will become cluttered.
The performance will be a limit as well.

I am curious about your use case. Why do want to sync so many servers to one client?

Thanks a lot for the quick reply.

So I’ll take it that there’s no built in hard limit then. Great!

The machine with the most servers connected has an i9 CPU with 8 cores/16 threads and 40GB RAM so I hope it’ll take a while for that machine to max out :slight_smile:

The reason for the many servers is that we are a design agency collaborating with some of our customers on nextcloud.

Each customer is on each their own nextcloud instance which all are synced to one of our designers’ iMac (the above mentionen machine)

The other designers have fewer, but still up to 6 or 7 servers synced to their Macbook Pros.

It is not an option, due to security and transparency, to have our customers running on one server while handling file separation with user groups.

(Technically the customers’ Nextcloud instances are running on an single Linux VM on each their account)

But now, because of the corona situation, our designers have to work from home and thus can’t work on our internal file-share as VPN is way too slow. So we have to move some projects onto a new nextcloud instance on a separate VM (to ensure no impact on the clients’ Nextclouds).

So our fear was that there might be a limit to the number of instances that the desktop client can connect to. But that hopefully seems to be down to computer resources and not a set limit in the software.

I cannot confirm this from code side :slight_smile:

Your scenario cannot be extended to many more customers.

Please think about this if you like to grow. Maybe this is not important.


Thanks for your input and pointing out the limits.
It needs heavy arguments to change the way we separate the customers’ clouds. But then again, I don’t think we need to launch more than a few more new servers.