Desktop Client: What's going on?


I’m sharing a big directory between my desktop and my laptop. Lately, I’ve changed the write permissions on the desktop of (mostly) all the directories inside, several times, (but not of the files inside).

Now, I’ve discovered that most of the directories, and also some of the files, are in the Nextcloud trash bin. But they are also accessible normally with the “Files” app and are - unharmed - in the shared directory, on my desktop.

Then I’ve tried to synchronise the big directory on the laptop with the Nextcloud server. The progress estimator says, that it’s still days until it will be finished. Normally, this takes only a few minutes. This looks like everything is being downloaded again.

To me, this looks like the change of the write permissions has given the desktop client the impression that all affected files/directories have been changed and need to be re-uploaded and re-downloaded, respectively.

To me, this looks like a bug. Am I wrong?

The desktop client’s version on the laptop and on the desktiop are both 2.5.1git. The server version is 14.0.3.

Happy hacking,

If the timestamp of the file changes, it could trigger a new download. But if the file hasn’t been changed, this should not happen and even if this were the current behavior on the client, it should be more intelligent. I’d suggest you create a bug report on the bug tracker at