Desktop Client Uploading Fails

So I’ve installed the Server software successfully and fully upgraded without issue. SQL database is up and running, and I can login and upload files no problem through the web interface without an issue. Large or Small no problem.

But when I install the Desktop Client to sync folders, I can’t get it to sync any files. It’ll start creating the folders, but I get an error stating Server Replied - Not Acceptable on almost every file it tries to upload. I think maybe it was able to upload some small JPG images but that’s about it.

How do I fix it so that I can use the desktop client to send my directory I have set. If I can’t use the desktop client reliably, then it’s a problem for me.

I’ve searched other topics, and I’m on a Linux server, and PHP is past 5.4, and again the web interface works just fine. So not sure the desktop client fails.

Or is there a direct way to contact for support with an issue?

Just for a test, can you sync and access files via the mobile app (iOS or Android)?

As for the desktop client: check the “Activity” tab and see what’s there under “Server Activity”, “Not synced” and “Sync Protocol”. Maybe you can post screenshots to here. Also a screen of the configured account in the desktop client might be helpful.

On the server side, you could check the logfile nextcloud.log under the data directory.

Here are snapshots of my setup and an upload attempt with the Windows Desktop application. I’m working on testing from the phone app if I can copy of bunch of my files over and see if that works. Though of course that won’t be practical in the long run, but I’ll test it out anyway.

Took a bit, but downloaded the Android Phone version of the app, copied all the files that failed to upload from my Desktop to my Phone via a USB cable, then logged into my server with my phone using the app and selected all the files and set it to upload.

No issues from the Android app. Exact same large files that wouldn’t upload through the Desktop app were copying fine and quickly without a problem through the Android app.

So I don’t know why the desktop application isn’t working, but I’d really like that to work since I have gigs of files on there.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Looks very similar to this Continue blacklisting: Error transferring server replied: Not Acceptable

Yes, that is correct. Is there a fix for this?

Any help would be appreciated by someone.