Desktop Client update

When opening my desktop client (WIndows 10) I go to Settings / General / Check for update now.

The message that I see is "Could not download update. Please open https://xxx.
When I click on the link there are approx a dozen browser tabs that open displaying the same web page. Is this happening to anyone else? Thank you.

Could not update
Multiple Tabs

Which version of the desktop client are you on?

Usually takes time for the updates to roll out once announced.

Thank you for chiming in. I was running version 3.4.3. I basically had to manually download and install version 3.4.4. The desktop client appears to be behaving as expected

I’ve seen this before… I forget exactly what happened, but I think I ended up clicking the link, not seeing a new tab open, so I kept clicking - still no new tabs. Then when I closed Nextcloud settings, all of the sudden I have a dozen tabs open.

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Thank you for getting back to me @prplecake Fortunately, I only ended up downloading the one executable file. Have a wonderful day! Peter

Is your issue resolved?

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As I stated in my last response manually downloading the executable and installing it manually is what worked for me. Thank you