Desktop client sync list file/cache location

I cannot seem to find this anywhere on the pc or the server.

My problem is I have too many folders syncing that doesn’t exist. My nextcloud server has only 2 shares now in it. folder a and b.

My desktop client showing folders a,b,c,d,e with every fresh install of the client.

I want to know where this data is located so I can remove it manually.

My server is a freebsd11 version 13.0.1. I’m using windows desktop clients v2.3.3. All of them are showing the extra folders and I can’t seem to remove them.

ill ask what im looking for a different way if above not good enough.

when you click on “choose what to sync” after logging in with the desktop client. the directories listed on next window

folder a
folder b
folder c
folder d
folder e

all of which are checked. problem is almost all of them dont exist anymore. only folder a and b do. i deleted the everything in the root “/” like the mp4 and what not and the documents and photos folders as well. yet when i login the client is still looking for these.

where is the client getting this data from? i want to change it manually.

update:i started looking into the database under oc_mounts. does the client connect to the mysql database and look for these mount_point?

i honestly cannot believe its this difficult to find this config for the desktop client.

update: i wrote over a mount_point in the database and checked to make sure it changed then checked it few mins later and it reverted back.

if i cannot find what im looking for soon im reinstalling from scratch but i still want this answered!

final update:

i seriously cant believe someone couldnt just say restart the jail refreshes it! such a super helpful community!