Desktop client sync errors

Nextcloud version : 14
Operating system and version : Server Ubuntu 18.04
PHP version : 7.1
Windows 10 Client version

This is specific to the client. The server has been updated to the latest version with all OS patches installed.

I have multiple clients on the same box. I am only having this issue on 2 of those clients that share the same data and both are on Windows 10. I have a 3rd client sharing the same data on Windows 7 and that one works fine.
So the issue is the client.
Tried to uninstall and reinstall the client but the problem comes back.
I renamed the hidden files that gets generated and unhide them so the files are now on the machine however the sync randomly does get errors downloading files. I get an access denied message.
Tried changing the security on the local folder and even gave it full access for everyone still same problem.
If I rename the file (remove the . in the beginning, remove the random tmp extension, unhide the file) I can use the file, make modifications and it copies up to the server.

However, for no apparent reason, some files that get modified do not sync to the other machines with the access denied message. You see the files hidden on the target but will not sync properly.

I have another pair of machines with Windows 7 as the primary and Windows 10 as a secondary and they have no issues however, the Windows 10 box never makes any changes.

Windows 7 works like a charm.

Not sure what could be causing this but it is specific to the client and Windows 10 and downloading files.

I am having login issues with the client on WIN 7