Desktop Client sets the expiration date to the current date, when a second user is added

Hello everyone,

we have the following problem: If we want to share a folder with multiple users with expiration date using the Nextcloud desktop client integrated with Windows Explorer, the client sets the expiration date of the user added before back to the current date.


  1. Right click on the folder to share.
  2. Select Nextcloud–>Sharing options.
  3. Add the first user “Joe”.
  4. set expiration date to e.g. 01.01.2023
  5. close the dialog
  6. open it again
  7. add second user
  8. now the expiration date of the first user will be changed to the current date

The version of the desktop client is 3.4.2 (Windows)

Looks like a bug to me? Probably the variable which contains the date is overwritten.

Thank you in advance for support.

Yes, because it’s expired in the past.