Desktop client(s) not connecting to Nextcloudpi

I have two NC installs both 13.0.1. One is on a ncpi the other on a QNAP NAS

Both the OSX and the Windows desktop clients can connect to the QNAP instance no problem, however both clients fail to connect to the pi instance after the machine reboots. I have to remove it from the list in the the client and then reconnect, after that the clients are ok but if I reboot I have to remove the ncp and add it again.

Has anyone else had a client/ncp connection issue? and how was it resolved? It used to be fine…



I just fired up a fresh NextcloudPi [NextCloudPi_03-17-18] install on a RaspberryPi 3 B+ a couple of days ago after having successfully ran NCP for almost a year on a Pi3. I have several issues with different NC Clients as I just noticed. NC Desktop Client 2.3.3 suddenly stopped connecting to NC after several hours on OSX 10.13.3. (deleting/readding accounts works first, but disconnects again). My iOS Client on latest iOS is extremly slow and times out now and then. It does not feel like the NextcloudPi I used to have.
On the other side a NC Desktop Client 2.3.3 on a OSX 10.11.6 syncs smooth for now (edit: it just stopped connecting to the ncp, too). I am able to access the NCP’s WebiF and the NC itself without Problems. Will need to investigate here.

Yes… There is something funky going on… Just fired up my laptop that won’t connect to my ncp, had to remove it, remake the connection and its fine…

I uninstalled all of the clients and reinstalled just to see if anything got cleaned up but the result was the same…


I just noticed that accessing my instance with the latest iOS client on latest iOS makes all my MacOS Desktop Clients loose connection and not reconnecting. I have to delete and add the accounts in the Desktop Client to make them connect again. The iOS client itself shows filelist but timeouts and is obviously not able to download any files from the NC on ncp, feels super slow.

I can say that reproduceably current NC and OC Desktop Clients on latest MacOS are loosing connection and stop syncing after a while to my NC instance on latest NextcloudPi at the moment. Mobile clients are somehow flaky, too. Need to find time to look deeper into it. Maybe @nachoparker knows more. Thanks!

There might be something going on with sync in NC13.0.1 and iOS, but that is probably not a NCP issue. Probably better to report this on the appropriate subforum

Another similar report:

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I’m going to keep looking at this… For me it’s both windows and osx. On the pi but fine on the nas. Might try going back a version on the sync client and see if there is a difference but right now it’s not what it was…


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If you have a spare pi you can test diferent NC versions, but running nc-nextcloud followed by nc-init

You can go back to NC13.0.0, NC12.0.3 or whatever, but the current instance is destroyed in the process