Desktop client problem

Hi I am trying to get the desktop client to work on Debian 9
have tried just about everything found on the INTERNET but with no success so far very frustrating.
adding ppa source list does not work I just get error messages

I did find some opensuze (bah) debs

That worked fine
Problem was then that I could no longer update the system apt-get update because broken packages etc…
so each time I had to remove, update the system and the reinstall the debs

Anyway that was with Deb 8 now I am with 9 and that does not work at all now so I got 70Go of stuff online that I can not synch!
Its a bleedin night mare What gets my goat is that Everybody is using open source (free) to make great apps that work good on Windows (paying) So what happened Linus??! did Google take over your stuff
anyway rant rant I am pis…ed of
Can any body give me a suggestion please

Try the repository listed here from Ivaradi, it works well:

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