Desktop Client on Linux Mint 20 Mate doesn‘t start after upgrading to 3.1.0

I installed the client software 2.3.3 some months ago via PPA and since then every update/upgrade went very well. But today, after upgrading to 3.1 the client refused to start. In the terminal i’ve got the message: Speicherzugriffsfehler (segmentation fault). As proposed on BITblokes I installed the 3.0.3 AppImage, which went fine. Any hint or workaround for the PPA version?


Please contact the people builduing this package:

They then have to check perhaps with the desktop developer team.

This is a known bug and will be solved with the Update to 3.1.1 in a couple of weeks.

If you want a functioning version right now, you will need to install the working AppImage, or the alpha-version of the PPA, where the fix is already included.

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