Desktop client mass deployment via master image

Hello all,

I am considering using a local network (LAN only) NextCloud install as a way to sync files across multiple (10-20) devices on our internal network. All devices will connect using the same user and should get the same files and folders (my focus here is convenience, not security or privacy, users know not to use this for sensitive files) The workstations will be running Kubuntu 22.04.
However, I want to include the whole configuration in my master image (“golden image”) which will later be mass deployed to the workstations, which raises two questions for me:

  1. is that even possible or is the configuration somehow tied to a specific machine, or is there some key that needs to be unique per machine which is generated at setup time? Also, altough the worksations will have identical software, /etc/machine-id wll be different for each install (this is done on purpose). If at all possible, I want to avoid having to go through the setup on each individual machine post deployment.
  2. Are there any issues I could run into down the line? e.g. sync conflicts that need to be resolved or anything else I am not thinking of now.

I do not expect those shared folders to be getting an insane amount of traffic, possibly a few changes every hour.

Also, would you recommend using the AppImage or installation via package manager in this case?

I hope I was clear enough - thank you in advance!