Desktop Client Linux: No connect after updating android app to 3.0.3

Desktop Client Version 2.3.3.
Desktop ubuntu 16.04
Server: NC 13 PHP
mysql Version 5.5.58
Android App 3.0.3

after updating the android app to 3.0.3, my desktop clients are unable to connect.
My android client works fine with the same server.

According to the nextcloud server log, the login errors of desktop client occurs directly after updating my android app.

Why is the desktop client affected by the android app?

What can I do?

Thanx for help!

I’m seeing this issue suddenly also. I cannot explain what is happening.

Sync was working on my Ubuntu system. Earlier today even. There were 2 updates in the past few weeks. I may not have re-opened to the new version of the client until sometime today. I tend to stay logged in 24/7.

I definitely have reloaded the client at this point, and it will not sync.

My other clients are JUST FINE.

I have been doing work on my server, but the server application is isolated from the OS packages (unless it is fundamental). And I did not change the NC server.

Here is the kicker. If you add a new account in the NC client - it will sync without issue. If you close and re-open the client, it will fail to sync. Repeat the add of that same user and it will sync again.

Is there a session mgmt issue being triggered on the server?

I did just test going back to the 2.3.3-20171224.060956~xenial1 version of the 3 Ubuntu client deb files and it did not fix my issue it seems, but I did not delete or recreate my account.

ok, so the issue for me appears to be the bruteforce protection feature on the NC server. I don’t know all of the options, but if you can use phpmyadmin to access your database tables and clear out the entries inside the “oc_bruteforce_attempts” table, it should solve the issue.


I’ve discovered some points in the same direction.

In my environment, two desktop clients on different machines has stopped syncing. After connecting one machine, via mobile telco service instead of normal wire IP connect, this client works as expected. So, in the first place, I’ve thought, it has to do with my network. But why was the android client working from the same network?

Then, I found several entries in the mod_security server logs related to NC. But I don’t remember changed that settings and found now sign of an attack.

The only issue, that I found was, that the connect problems occurs in the time right after updating the android client on my phone.

It’s only a guess, that the android client has make too many connections to fix the pending syncs since the last release with bugs. So, according your post, perhaps the NC security, had blocked further access.

After approximately 8 hours, my clients started to work normally, without I had making any other changes.

So, thanx for sharing your experiences!