Desktop client keeps re-syncing unmodified files

Hi there. I haven’t posted here before but I’m having trouble finding the solution to my problem. Please help!

Problem context:

I have set up a computer, “host”, at home to be a server for hosting my private Nextcloud. I have a second laptop computer, “client”, on which I have a folder that should synchronize with the Nextcloud server. The database on “host” has 20 GB of many small files and the data transfer rate I am working with is painfully slow.

The structure of my database on host is:

On client filesystem I have the same directory structure.

The actual problem:

I have gone through the pain of downloading dir1 and dir2 on the client side already. I had them synced independently to the corresponding subdirectories living on host but what I intended was to have the entire “~/nextcloud” root folder on the client side synced to the “~/nextcloud” root folder on the host. I disconnected using the desktop client and reconnected to pick this option, but now Nextcloud keeps going through every file of dir1 and dir2 one by one and synchronizing all them.

The files have NOT changed on either side. What can I do to help Nextcloud realize that certain folders have already been synced?? I can’t wait days or hours every time Nextcloud wants to check that things are up to date.

Platform info:
OS: Arch Linux
server: Apache 2
mySQL: MariaDB

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I have seen the same issue, its my last blocker to being able to use this amazing platform

Anybody in the dev team, have any comment


i worked out my issue, turned out it was my solution to connecting to local nextcloud when both local and external

turns out the client sees the change of the ‘resolved’ ip or something and see’s it as a full sync situation

i now keep the resolved ip the same when local and external