Desktop client is resolving internal URL not external, when NOT VPNing in

Hello all. Having a real head scratcher here. Installing (or trying to) the latest client on a new remote user’s laptop. User is not VPN’d in and when we go to connect to the server it sees and finds our external url ok, but then mid config times out stating it can’t find the server at: [Internal IP] and crashes out. Is there a manual way of configuring it with the proper name resolution? This is on Windows 10Pro.

What am I doing wrong?

I think this has nothing to do with the Nextcloud client in a first step, but your general VPN configuration. Make sure that the correct DNS server address is assigned to your connection and that really all traffic ( is routed over the VPN (check default route).

Hey J-ed. VPN is NOT at play. The end user was not VPN’d in, that is the perplexing part. The client was resolving to an internal IP instead public one. I may try doing a DNS flush however.