Desktop-client is it posible to use regex-patterns to match ignored files?

Hi! I already wrote in the german forum but nobody awnsered - now i try to find help in the international section.

At the moment i use NC 14
and the Linux (Ubuntu/Mint) Deskrop-client 2.3.3.

I would like to sync files into the cloud and prevent syncing if the filename has a specific pattern.
For examle: i have local a readable file “filename.secret.txt” that should NOT be synced into the cloud. This can easily be done by editing the list behind the “Edit Ignored Files”-Button (just by adding the pattern “*.secret”).

But on the other side: the encrypred version of this file “filename.secret.txt.pgp” should be synced into the cloud so that i have this (pgp-encrypred) file on all my devices.

Background: Decrypting this file on my computer removes the “.pgp”-ending and this decrypted version does not belong in the internet.

How can i do this?
Are the entrys behind the “Edit Ignored Files”-Button just normal patterns and the star-chracter just acts as a wildcard-charcter or can i use regex / reguar expressions here?
And if its possible to use regex how should this one look like to match this purpose (ignore files containing “.secret*” but sync them if they are ending by “.pgp”)?

Thanks in advance.

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