Desktop Client freezes after just a few seconds of syncing

Nextcloud Desktop Client version 2.5.2git installed on Ubuntu 18.04.3.

I was about 25% of the way of syncing about 600 GB of data between a local drive and a remote Nextcloud server, when suddenly, for no reason I could see, the Nextcloud Desktop Client simply froze. Even though I killed the client, I could not restart the program unless I completely rebooted the computer. Then I could restart the program, but after perhaps one minute of syncing, it would freeze up again. I eventually tried version 2.5.3, but had the exact same problem.

I am too new to all this, I do not know how to determine what is wrong, and how to fix it. Anyone know what should be done?

(Bonus question: I understand that I can drag and drop the directories that I want on the Nextcloud server onto the browser window for Nextcloud, and then it should start uploading the files. But - Is “uploading” the same as “syncing”? Will the files I “upload” be marked as being synchronized?)

The 2.5.X branch have issue for syncing big datas.
You should download the 2.3.3 and will see that your problems will vanish.

If it is the case, ping @jospoortvliet that 2.5 still have issues or go on Github to tell it to @camilesan

Hi, thanks.

Where do I find the download for version 2.3.3?

Here :

Be aware that 2.6.0 will come soon and normally will fix thoses bugs. Give it a try when it will be release during the next week

Thank you!