Desktop client for Ubuntu-16.10

Now that I have my NC Box running again, is there a desktop client that works with Ubuntu-16.10.

I’m not very computer literate and I have not had any luck using the ownCloud desktop client version 2.2.2 included with Ubuntu.

Thanks for any help.

Mike - KF8FG

There are no packages yet, you have to build it on your own. Or use the owncloud-client in the meantime (version 2.2.4).

Please find my mini how to
cheers, carsten

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I built the NC Desktop Client with your instructions and so far it’s working great.

Thank you for all your help.

Mike - KF8FG

Sounds good - please mark this topic as solved.

Hello, as of Dec 2017 the nexcloud integration for ubuntu 16.04 is provided as a deb package, the problem is that there is no file browser integration (no icons, no righ-click contextual menu).
Do you know if file browser integration is available and how to enable it?
The link posted by @riegerCLOUD (“Install Nextcloud client on ubuntu v.2”) is no longer available.