Desktop client for Linux

Hello, i just joined the forums even though i have been using Nextcloud for awhile. I was a Windows user and now im moving to Linux. I tried to download the desktop client for Linux on the link
but it seems to be broken.

Where do i find the desktop client for Linux?
Thank you!

P.S sorry if this was posted earlier but im still figuring out how to navigate the forums.

Hi @Irdi

Which distribution do you use?

The AppImage does not seem to be built / available yet… I think you just have to be patient for a few more hours.

Another universal way to install the desktop clinet on Linux, independent of a specific distribution, would be the Flatpak…

…but this is currently also still on version 3.4.2.

New Linux user. Gave up after first try and now im back. Thanks for your fast response. I am currently using Lubuntu because of the old pc i got.

You can download the desktop client here

The app image is working really well.

The download button for the app image returns a 404 error and apparently an asset for the app image in version 3.4.3 does not (yet) exist on Releases · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub. But there is one for 3.4.2.

Okay, I downloaded 3.4.2 some weeks ago and it works.