Desktop client false conflicts

I manage an instance and two of my users have started to experience false conflicts. Only five users, around 22k files, mostly Excel, users on Windows desktop clients and sometimes using the web. Why is it that sometimes when the user edits a file, saves it and closes Excel during sync NC alerts them to a conflict and a conflict file is created, even though there are no changes to the original?

This happened recently when there was only one person using the system and they had had an internet connection active for a very long time. Is there any way to find a conflict log as to why the conflict happened? I have no idea how to debug this as I can’t duplicate it and there is nothing in the Nextcloud server log. What are my options?

Even though it seems to be rare, this happens often enough to be concerning. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I have a feeling this is an issue with syncing large numbers of file. I use to use nextcloud to sync my programming workspace containing several thousand files. It was only syncing to a single system but I had this issue all the time until it eventually resulted in the loss of a bunch of work. At that point I stopped using nextcloud.

I should point out the data loss was partially my fault. I wrote a script to delete the conflict files as they were always an older version of the file… At least until nextcloud decided to roll back my entire workspace a month and convert all my current files into conflict files…

Yep, also experiencing this with multiple thousand files in sync for one user. Up to 100 files sometimes suddenly show conflicts. Also seems to happen for files that no one touched at all. Afair this already was an issue with the owncloud desktop client for windows. Starts to get really annoying and I still do not really understand why this still is a problem after so many years.

Same problem here. I’m also syncing my entire workspace between two PC’s and the nextcloud and only since the last client update I encounter a bunch of version conflicts every time, mostly with files I haven’t touched in quite while. Even here in the syncing client the local version is always significantly older, then the server version, which is downloaded, significantly in this context means months up to years, so I do not see any reason, why these conflicts should actually be legit