Desktop client fails to connect to NC21 LDAP accounts 404 PROFIND

I have a very strange behaviour.
On a new system, the desktop client version 3.3 fails to connect. The installation goes well, I am prompted to login and the installation finishes.
However, the client doesn’t synchronize - error 404 -, claiming that it cannot connect to the url https://my server/remote.php/dav/files/
I am using LDAP connectivity and it was working fine so far.
I tried to use the admin account, it works OK and synchronize.
Then, I tried to uninstall the version 3.3 and install the version 3.2.4 that is working fine on other systems, and this is synchronizing OK.
Finally, as I was proposed to install the version 3.3 over the 3.2.4, I tried and this is working fine.

There is something buggy with LDAP in version 3.3



I have the same issue, but strangely not with all accounts.
I have tried to play around with the permissions a bit, but I can’t pin point it.
I have had this happening only with a specific account, but also only with version 3.3.0 but It doesn’t seem to matter whether it is on Win2K16, Win2K12 or Windows 10.
So it seems to be something specific to the account.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t get too much out of the logs.
But this is certainly something that shouldn’t happen.
So a quick bugfix would be appreciated.


I have the same issue.
Local users work fine, both web and windows desktop client.
But with ldap users (openldap server) only web works.

When adding a ldap user in the windows desktop client the webdav url is misconfigured.
Instead of url https://serveraddress/remote.php/dav/files/uuid/ the client uses https://serveraddress/remote.php/dav/files/username/ which gives a 404 error.
(username in my case is e-mailaddress)

Uninstalling 3.3.0 and installing 3.2.4 did the trick.
So it’s save to presume there’s a bug in 3.3.0 when it comes to ldap users.

There already is a bug report


The bug I have is with an existing LDAP/AD user.


I my case I changed from local users to ldap users (with same mail address as username).
But the problem exists only in desktop client 3.3.0 when adding a new connection.
NC web works like a charm.
So I don’t think it makes a difference if it’s an existing or new user in NC.
Also existing connections still function properly when the desktop client is upgraded from an older version to 3.3.0