Desktop client "downloads" files after I tell it not to

Nextcloud 17, desktop client 2.6.0, Ubuntu 18.04.3

In the desktop client, I added an “account”. I set it up so that it would NOT sync to anything on the Nextcloud server - that is, I unchecked all the boxes for all the folders on the server. All I want to do is simply force the Nextcloud server to always match what is on a local drive. Since I am now attempting to do an initial load of files onto the Nextcloud server, at this point all it needs to do is “upload” files from the local drive to the Nextcloud server.

Pretty simple, you would think. Well, you would be wrong.

For some reason I cannot understand, the desktop client is uploading files from the local drive to the Nextcloud server - which is good - but at the same time it is also “downloading” copies of files that are already on the server (and hence match an existing file on the local drive from which it originally came), so that then on the local drive I end up with a duplicate copy of the file. And that duplicate copy of that file is given a name that starts with a dot.

I am so confused, I have no understanding of what this desktop client program is trying to do.

Why is it doing this?

How do I stop it?

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I have similar situation, just sync works one way even though I have unticked the box from this folder.
I’m on opensuse tw with desktop client that supposed to sync My Documents to the cloud. I have massive amount of pictures in My Documents/Pictures folder that I have unticked after I added to sync all documents. But client don’t really acts as suppose to. So pictures still uploading.

@tasas , just for giggles I thought, I’ll try the old version 2.3.3 of the desktop client.

The problem went away.

I have no explanation for what the problem is, nor why the older version did not have that problem.

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