Desktop client deletes everything on server after local filesystem fails to mount

Nextcloud 19.0.3, desktop client 3.0.1 (Linux) on Linux Mint 20.

One of my client machines is a netbook/convertible with limited storage which I’ve extended by SD card. The SD card also holds the Nextcloud data directory. Sometimes the SD card’s filesystem fails to mount when the system comes up. Now when the system is up, the local Nextcloud data directory still exists, but is empty. The autostarted Nextcloud desktop client then obviously thinks I deleted everything, and itself starts deleting everything from the server, too.

While this behaviour is perfectly logical, I still wish it wouldn’t be like this :wink:

Is there any chance to prevent the desktop client from behaving this way without going manual, i.e. always having to check manually whether the mount succeeded and then manually activating the desktop client?

You can check if it is mounted in a script and if it is successful, Start the NC Client.

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Sometimes a solution is so obvious one doesn’t even see it. Thanks.


There is another thread about this, too. And an issue on

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Indeed, strange I didn’t find it. Also connected, by the way,
is – when the share somehow becomes unmounted during use, like when waking up from power save mode, as it seems to have happened to me even after implementing the check on boot, everything is deleted as well…