Desktop client crashes: automatic restart?


I´m running a windows 10 64-bit machine 24x7 with nextcloud 2.5.2 installed. Every week nextcloud fails once with a crash. I´ve added 4 folder additionally to my nextcloud folder.

Is there any possibility to catch why nextcloud crashes? Or is there any windows program, which I could use for automatically restart nextcloud on crash?


I’ve got a similar issue client 2.5.2 crashes at least once a day on both windows and linux.

I had this same issue and finally wrote this little script. To get the proper use, call it from the application startup window replacing the normal command to start nextcloud. Tweak as you need, this was only created for my environment. Basically it launches the client if it is not running then waits for 10 minutes in sleep mode then checks again. So if the client fails it could be a while before it restarts but it will restart. If you try to do this in a crontab it never gets the right settings and is a mess. This acts with all the current user’s settings so it works great.

# This should be run from the startup launcher only
# This will run the Nextcloud client if it is not already running
# and will just sit in a loop checking back every so often to make
# sure the client hasn't failed

while [ "1" == "1" ]; do
	running=`ps -aux | grep -E "[0-9] nextcloud"`
	if [ "$running" == "" ]; then
		/usr/bin/nextcloud --background >/dev/null 2>&1 &
	sleep 600