Desktop client cannot finish syncing

Nextcloud client is unable to finish syncing, it looks like this:


after a while it turns to


but this stays on forever.

From client log:

2022-02-12 13:55:41:370 [ debug nextcloud.sync.networkjob /build/nextcloud-client/src/nextcloud-client/src/libsync/abstractnetworkjob.cpp:298 ][ OCC::AbstractNetworkJob::slotFinished ]:	Network job OCC::PropfindJob finished for "/"
2022-02-12 13:56:09:198 [ info nextcloud.gui.folder.manager /build/nextcloud-client/src/nextcloud-client/src/gui/folderman.cpp:867 ]:	Etag poll timer timeout

Server is self-hosted, the access via browser seems to be working fine.
Any idea what could be causing this?

Arch Linux x86_64, nextcloud-client 2:3.4.2-1

Exact same problem here.

I have NextCloud installed on three machines/clients, and synching the same data of course.
On two of them it’s OK, but the third one I had to reinstall recently, and file transfers seem to happen, but the status is always “Syncing” as above.

Clients are Windows 10 Pro, server is Ubuntu 18.04, self hosted. Desktop client 3.4.2.

I already resolved this. I think the key was to deal w/ sync errors in mobile client. Are you using mobile client too by any chance? Here’s a GH issue I made and documented the progress:

Thanks for that. Unfortunately for me things went further south.
Now I get “File has changed since discovery” for all files. I stopped using NextCloud for now, went to OneDrive/Sharepoint. I will update the server in a couple of weeks during our maintenance window.

I don’t use a mobile client. All clients I use are Windows desktop. I am pretty sure the issue is with the client, or the recent versions of the client. My coworkers haven’t complained about issues, it’s only my files affected (figures).

For bug reports, it’s extremely helpful if you have a procedure to reliably reproduce a problem. Unfortunately, sometimes there are reports of users with a specific problem that does only appear on one system and not on others (despite they are very similar).

Appreciate the answer. I agree that it’s very hard to troubleshoot one off cases.
Unfortunately I cannot offer more than this:

  • I had NextCloud Windows client on three Windows 10 Pro machine, syncing the same files. the client is up to date - whenever I see the message that a new version is available, I download and install it.
    I have many files (~20K), and some large files, totaling about 60 GB
  • I reinstalled Windows on one of the PCs, and since then the problem started
  • At first it showed this “neverending sync” problem
  • After many uninstalls and reinstalls, it now shows “File has changed since discovery” message for all files
  • One of the other two machines, that used to work, now it’s showing the endless syncing and it’s actually not syncing. Will check the third one on Monday
    I tried to post some logs, but I can only post 4 links, and even after editing I cannot seem to get past that.

The only way I could make it work was to select another folder for syncing.