Desktop Client autologin LDAP

Hello together,

I’m using nextcloud for years now and never had real problems with it (ok no problems that couldn’t be solved fast :slight_smile: )

But I’m now integrating it in out small IT landscape in my volunteer fire station places in germany.
There we are using it with LDAP authentication against a Windows 2012R2 server. This works perfect but I searched for hours now without finding a solution. Is there any possibility to automatically login the desktop client when logging into windows by active directory auth?

I’m not into SSO and don’t know if this is the way to go with ADFS (Found tutorials that made this work). But I always get the login browser window on a new client where the login wasn’t already done by password.
Sadly as we are just volunteers and don’t get the money for an enterprise support I hope for your help. Just if the SSO plugin helps here or if I’m completely off track?

Many thanks for any hint!
Have a nice remaining advent season and greeting from Munich, Germany.