Desktop Client as Service

Hi Nextcloud Teaam,

it would be nice if it would be possible to run the Nextcloud Desktop Client as a Service so that it syncs also if there is no user loggod on to the PC.

Our Company needs this feature to sync files permanently with the cloud.

Which platform?

Our Platform is WIndows

Could this help?

I would suggest reading through all discussions there, including the referenced github Feature request listed as the last comment in this thread.

At the time, Nextcloud had only a theming for the ownCloud client, and there is a feature request already:

I haven’t seen one on the Nextcloud bugtracker.

I now realise the sync with the nextcloudcmd and a Windows Task.

I do this via a scheduled task. Desktop client starts at 00:00 and it’s killed a 06:00 every night. Actually you can setup the scheduled task to run a certain command under a certain user, even if the user is not logged in.