Desktop Client and android App wont connect

I just switched from Snap to web installed nextcloud last week. So I am running the latest web install version of nextcloud.

System is Arch linux using apache, php-fpm, and mariadb.

When I wiped the system from snap I was unable to delete my ssl cert with lets encrypt so I just setup a new dns name with no-ip.

Install went fine and SSL cert is fine under a different dns name with the old name out in limbo untill it expires.

I can connect via web no problem and https works fine.

When I try to connect a desktop app or cell phone app it opens the web browser to grant access and says login successful you can close this window and when I do the nextcloud client says.
‘nextcloud desktop client access forbidden by server’

Is this related to running php-fpm if so how can I get around this, or is it related to the cert that is out there? I cant find anything useful in the apache logs

I did see this;
nextcloud desktop client access forbidden by server.

Thanks for your help

Update: it is definitely php-fpm ignore the ssl cert stuff above.

If i switch to mpm_prefork (libphp) which is the slowest setup it allows desktop apps to sync.

Is there anyway around this other then switching to nginix, I don’t really want to learn how to use it I have been using Apache for a long time.