Desktop client 3.4.1 is here

As some of you might have noticed, our 3.4.0 release encountered an issue on some systems - 3.4.1 fixes it and we recommend you upgrade!

Changelog from 3.4.0:

  • desktop#4013 [stable-3.4] fix random error when updating CfApi metadata
  • desktop#4046 [stable-3.4] do not forget the path when renaming files with invalid names
  • desktop#4049 [stable-3.4] Bugfix/assert invalid modtime
  • desktop#4050 [stable-3.4] Feature/folder logo variations
  • desktop#4051 [stable-3.4] Always prefill username from Windows login name based on server version
  • desktop#4057 [stable-3.4] Bugfix/3.4.1 rc1
  • desktop#4066 [stable-3.4] Bugfix/sync stuck on error
  • desktop#4075 [stable-3.4] Bugfix/force download local invalid files
  • desktop#4078 [stable-3.4] Enforce VFS. Disable ‘Make always available locally’.
  • desktop#4080 [stable-3.4] Bugfix/avoid sync getting stuck
  • desktop#4081 [stable-3.4] Fix CMake error in ECMAddAppIcon for mac
  • desktop#4083 [stable-3.4] Do not crash on findAndCancelDeletedJob
  • desktop#4094 [stable-3.4] ensure any errors after calling FileSystem::getModTime are handled
  • desktop#4097 Bump version

From 3.3.6:

For openSUSE users who can’t wait, I made a build that Works For Me™ (no promises) here but I expect packagers to roll out 3.4.1 soon anyhow.

The download has been available since end of last year but some holidays meant we only announce it now. Thanks to all the people who helped test 3.4.0 and its RC’s!

Enjoy and feedback welcome below.


it would be great you could explain

  • Enforce VFS. Disable ‘Make always available locally’.

if it really removes the option to keep files locally it sounds like huge regression for me.

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As far as I understand it, it disables the option to make files always available locally, but only if the the client was built with ENFORCE_VIRTUAL_FILES_SYNC_FOLDER set to ON

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