Desktop client 3.2.4 available

Hi all,

Another quick update for the 3.2 series with 3.2.4 fixing a few more issues. If you had problems with 3.2.3 and the virtual drive - get this update!

Get it directly:
🪟 Windows 10
:apple: macOS 10.12+, 64 bit
:penguin: Linux AppImage


Is the virtual drive cross platform or windows only?

The busy doing nothing problem with windows client 3.2.3 seems to be fixed…

Loaded it and it seems to work… Does this version of the virtual drive feature reliably sync. MS Office lock files in realtime? We have been using mountain duck for that. I would love to stop having to deploy it to all our systems.

Hum, yes? :wink:

So you can have virtual files on all three platforms, but only on windows is there a nice API that makes it work seamlessly. For mac, an API exists but it is SUPER low-level and will be a lot of work. We’ll do it but it takes time. For linux, no API exists but we have a lot of Linux desktop people in our company and we are confident we can work with the linux desktop community to develop something. But that, too, will take a lot of time. Some of our devs think it needs kernel-level API’s, which would take even longer of course…

But for now, the replacement files are there already and you can enable it and try it out.