Desktop App Experience like OneDrive

I would like to access all my Files within Windows Explorer, without Downloading all to my PC (OneDrive style with Web or local Icon)

I dont want that files are synced if i only make a subfolder offline available and someone creates a new folder within one of the subfolders.
folder - sub1 - sub1.1 this is the one im syncing
someone creates a new folder under sub1 and this one is also automacially synced

Hello and welcome to the community support forum.

Please use the search function and search for virtual drive - this topic has already been discussed many times. I think the last statement was, that this feature is planned but not ready yet.

You can mount your Nextcloud via WebDAV to mimic a similar behavior as a workaround (in combination with some selected folders to sync via the desktop client) until this feature is actually finished.

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