Desktop app 3.9.3 doesn't have checkboxes

Не смог найти ответ в этой ветке, подскажите пожалуйста почему нет чекбоксов для выбора какую папку необходимо синхронизировать ?


В версии 3.9.1 они есть

I couldn’t find the answer in this thread, please tell me why there are no checkboxes to select which folder needs to be synchronized?

In version 3.9.1 I have it.

Most likely you’ve activated the virtual files support, which creates a “virtual” full copy of all your files on your client. By selecting one of these files it will finally be copied to your client.

Here you find information how virtual files are working:

Here you can activate/deactivate virtual files support:

BTW, you should update your client software. The latest available version is v3.13.0 :wink: