Design of some core Nextcloud App too spacious and contrastless? (Talk, Deck, Collectives)

We’re trying to introduce Talk, Deck and Collectives. Some of the more common complains are not in regard to functionality but in regard to the design. The critique is, that the design of those apps is too spacious and not compact enough. An often heard complain is that Deck rapidly becomes cluttered when there are many cards. User compare it to Trello and say that more cards can be seen on normal screen sizes and that they’re easier on the eye, since Trello uses more contrast between cards and surrounding.

Similiar arguments can be heard about the sidebars of Talk and Collectives: to spacious und not enough contrast when there are many pages or channels. Talk is compared with slack, which shows much more channels in the sidebare and has stronger contrasts.

Is this something that is discussed elsewhere?


I just moved to the deck app since you mentioned it specifically.

You mean the web-interface experience, not the mobile apps I suppose?

Yes, I meant the web-interface experience. Deck is the application where I heard it the most; but it not specific to Deck because it’s a general design “problem” with Nextcloud. You even have this problem with the path picker tool of the files app when you try to move files to long pathes etc.