Descriptions / Additional Attribute Fields & Consistent Sidebars on PDF

Hello. I would love to be able to have Attribute/Additional Fields to documents that match a specific tag.

Basic Functionality

  • Create “Additional Fields” through an App page. It can be as simple as raw text input.
  • Display custom fields that are filled out in the sidebar of documents/items in the cloud.
  • Always have sidebar display unless hidden while viewing an image, pdf, etc.

Advanced Functionality

  • It would be cool if these can be conditional attributes. For example: The custom fields relating to Contracts only show when the document is “tagged” contracts.
  • A way to mass import data/documents to keep these fields filled out automatically.
  • Allow us to control what kind of field. Like plain text, date, HTML/Markdown. (Would be good for faking “related documents” or by linking to other resources).

I created a mockup of what I think the end-result should look like:

This would revolutionize NextCloud for me and bring it to near the same level as SpringCM.

Edit: I submitted this as a feature request with more information: Your support is appreciated if you;re interested in this. This can also bring Document / File Descriptions as well.

I put a $5 bounty on this to start on BountySource: I’ll be adding a higher bounty later this month. If anyone wants to contribute please help me! I can’t afford much but I’m going to try. I truly believe this can bring a whole new level of customization for NExtCloud.

It appears I posted in polls. I apologize. The links I clicked on the website to report issues took me to polls.

What repository do I post this to on Github?