Depositions, Licenses, Metadata ish question - I need the details!

So, basically, I volunteer with people/orgs/groups who have all this offline content. The next “mission” is to bring offline content to Puerto Rico in a few months with a solar pi.

After content curation - Open Access, GFDL, and CC content mostly - and Public Domain - a request for a way to not just tag but to include detailed information about license or any attribution was requested.

One volunteer suggested placing the content in Drupal, another option would be a wiki.

Is there a way to do this using Nextcloud without online depositions (no internet in these locations - rwanda, uganda, puerto rico, mexico - schools).

The viewing of the details would need to be a simple view - for teachers and students.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!! :smiley:

Well it depends…

technically speaking you could set up your Nextcloud instance in your local network without internet connection. But then you need to build up and maintain all the requited infrastructure services like DNS, DHCP by your own. A self-signed cert could handle your TLS connection to the Nextcloud instance. but where is the beneifit? What do you want to achieve. Everythig on a solar-powered pi?

Let’s put this in a different picture: Nextcloud is like a bird with mighty wings to fly. Its circle of competence is the open sky. With forcing it to the ground permanently, you are just making yourself and the bird unhappy and the result bad.

I have nextcloud on the offline server and works great with the clients.
Maybe I wasn’t clear in my details.

I need a way to show/display file information details like - license, attribution, author.
Because the content is Public Domain, open access or cc or gfdl…

In other words - let’s put it in this way - I need file information.

title: response.doc
author: Man Splain
date: Feb 26, 2018
license: CC attribution non commercial

you know, something like that.

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Nextcloud does not look into Documents and extract file information ike this except for images where you could use the App Metadata to display EXIF information (

I had seen with depositions, this type of information could be added. Was hoping there was a native way because zenodo integration. Thanks.

Even though I love the author of that example doc you posted, I’m afraid I’m with jakob on the topic.
A CMS or wiki would be the better choice.

If you need a CMS, I’d have a look at PicoCMS - simple and easy to use

It might just end up doing what you need. Also, the Markdown app is awesome :wink:

WRT metadata, this is currently not there but it is totally possible to do, as the existing metadata app shows. It would need to be expanded to also show metadata of document apps etcetera - needs a little programming skills and/or time… Maybe the author is interested in helping for a good cause? I’d even be happy to promote this a bit.

There are already issues open for other file types:

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