Deploy solution with 2 application servers


I am trying to implement a solution with:

1 Load Balancer
2 x Nextcloud application servers
1 x External PostgreSQL server (1 master / 1 slave). Already existing and used by other applications.
1 x Redis Server
1 x NFS server as a common drive for data, exposed to both Nexcloud application servers.

I have some doubts and I have tried to find information throughout the help posts, but I have not been able to solve all the doubts.

Can I first create a VM with Nextcloud and, once the installation and configuration is complete, clone that VM to create the second server? (Obviously with a different name and network configuration). ?

If I make any changes to one of the 2 servers. For example, installation of a new app. Is it necessary to perform the manual installation of that app on the second server, or is the change made in the database and the second server “finds out” and updates its configuration automatically?

Lastly, regarding the Redis server. In the tests I have been doing (1 single server, with local database, I have installed Redis on the server itself. If I choose the solution indicated in the beginning (1 load balancer, 2 servers, external database … .) Is it necessary to create a dedicated Redis server ?, or, Is it enough to install Redis on each of the 2 servers ?.

Thank you very much in advance.

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An interesting Project you have here.
Never tried it out but based on my experience I would proced as follows:

Install one VM until the moment you have to run the install wizzard the first time. Clone this one and run the run the wizzard on each machine.

In order to have a clean installation i would deploy the redis server on a different vm or in a regular container solution like docker.

If the the 2 application servers see the changes maid on the other servers is an interesting question wich I can’t awnser, sorry for that. But I am very into this too.

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Thank you very much for your contribution. The truth is that I am very new to NC, and this is the first time I have tried an installation with HA.

The information I have found is confusing to me.