Dependencies not found. The following PHP modules are required to use Nextcloud: zip

php7.0-zip installed what does it wont?

On what OS is your server running?PHP should be installed by means of the operating system.

sorry, debian 8+nginx

Ton install PHP 7.0, use

sudo apt install php7.0

(don’t use the zip). If you want php7.2, follow this guide:

all installed 7.0 and 7.2, how not to use zip?

If you already installed PHP by the zip file, the Debian system will not know about it and you never get updates. Also, the dependencies are not checked. If you install software by the apt command, the system will notify you about updates, and care for dependencies. So I would suggest to remove the directories installed by the zip, and install PHP again using the above link. Also, when there are additional modules needed by nextcloud or other software, you can install them too using apt, and you can be sure to get the matching version.

You might want to upgrade to Debian 9.6, btw. The documentation I referred to depends on Debian 9, it might not work on 8.

Disclaimer: do this at your own risk! If you destroy your system I will not be held responsible. But I run two servers with 4 instances of nextcloud and they all run fine. My PHP is installed as described.