Demo instances of 9, 10, 11 and 12 now live


Thanks for pointing me to the demo server. compared to the thing I have running, it seems blazingly fast, the web-interface seems much more responsive. can you tell me, how it is hosted, so I can understand what the technical differences are compared to my (webhosters) system?


It’s a VPS with 4Ghz of dedicated CPU and 4GB RAM. It hosts 4 Nextcloud installations in managed containers (5x Apache, PHP and Redis with a shared DB).

Excluding the shared DB (and soon, shared Redis) they are all installed following my guide to the letter.

It’s overkill for a modest single installation for which 2Ghz and 2GB ram would likely be enough.


Hm, the performance difference is likely shared hosting? At my hoster, a managed server seems awful expensive (starting around 100 euro / month) whilst my shared hosting of course is much cheaper around 20 euro / month. Or is it possible the difference in performance comes from a lack of php.ini configurations and caching?


Caching makes a lot of difference. I usually get my VPS through OVH as they’re cheap and cheerful.


I’m trying out a demo instance here but as soon as I switched on encryption, I can no longer upload files. It is also impoossible to switch encryption off. What to do?


That’s not my demo cluster, so I can’t offer much help as we won’t have backend access to it.


btw: couldn’t we make this topic sticky… or at least the announcement that there ARE said (and most valued) demo-instances?



Your wish is my command :wink:



my dear old boy, so sorry to let you know that i just broke your nc12 -demo. tried to do an update to 12.0.3. and it went smoothly until the webupdater stalled at this point “oauth2: Failed to enable app oauth2”

sorry to cause you more work now :frowning:


Hey it’s fine - still works. I’ll sort it later :slight_smile:


Nextcloud 13 beta has been added to the list of servers!

Nextcloud 13 beta

E2E encryption app not in app store?


Just wanted to say this is great work setting NextCloud up in LXD. I wanted to let you know that I put a link to this on the LXD sub-reddit so others could find it.

Thanks again for your effort.



Thanks Brian! LXD lends itself nicely to this type of usecase :slight_smile:


Nice Idea. I have also setup an Demo Cloud for testing for users in an Telegram group for nextcloud.


Welcome to link to this one also - though it fully resets every hour :slight_smile:


Okay. I must write an script to cleanup the data and user every hour


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E2E encryption app not in app store?

Edit, nevermind!


Demo 13 has been updated to RC1 and Talk is enabled by default.

E2E encryption app not in app store?