Deletion via Retention app - not visible in trash bin why?


if I manually delete a document it is added to the trash bin. But if the document is deleted via the Retention App the document is gone directly and is not visible within the trash bin.

Can this be changed? I like to see all documents that were deleted via Retention app within the trash bin. I like to use the trash bin as some kind of approval to be able to check what has been deleted automatically.

Or is there a possible to add an approval step before the permanent deletion via retention app?

Thanks a lot

really no ideas? I would appreciate any idea / advice

I like to use Retention as a Records Management functionality but without approval step this would be much too risky.


You will have to wait and/or make a feature-request. I don’t think, that there is a ready-to-go workarround.
I use this feature as it is and don’t need that option.

Edit: Sorry. Tried it myself with Nextcloud 12.0.1 and it’s working correctly. Files deleted automaticly are displayed within the trash bin, like it should.