Deletion of files_encryption directories after disabling encrpytion


this is more a question than an issue.

I see /files_encryption/ directories in my nextclouds /data/ and some /data/$User/ directories. They mainly contain key files and are referenced in the oc_filecache database table as well.
I remember that i carried out tests with enabled encryption when i startet working with nextcloud. Encryption is completely disabled now.

Is it safe to delete the remaining /files_encryption/ directories manually on command line?
Does a following ./occ files:scan --all and / or ./occ files:cleanup take care of the database entries?

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Nextcloud version: 12.0.0
Operating system and version: debian 8.8
Apache or nginx version: apache 2.4.10
PHP version: 7.16

To answer my question - i tried manual deletion and ./occ files:scan --all - after a snapshot.

Most of the database entries in oc_filecache got removed. But some are remaining with no file existing any more.
They end with .privateKey and .publicKey and are all in “storage 1”. Maybe storage 1 doesn’t get scanned, who knows. (Someone maybe?)
They shouldn’t cause problems and i don’t dare to delete them, even though they are not referenced by other database entries any more.

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